Osiris Indriya to Release Sub Rosa EP on His Own Label


The last time Osiris Indriya released new music was the spring of 2013, a full-length album called I, Aeternal, followed by a CD release party at the world famous Ageha venue outside of Tokyo, Japan. This was his first release on an established international label, Fusion For Peace Productions. His release became the top selling album on Beatport for Wakyo Distribution, the parent company for Fusion For Peace.

Now Osiris has returned to his independent roots, but this time is bringing his Seattle underground producer friends with him. He spent the last two years creating the digital-only label BLESSOTERIC RECORDS, which started releasing new music in March of 2016. Osiris’ vision is to release mostly 3-5 track EPs, shortening the time between song creation and release to the public, and giving his favorite artists, like Michael Maricle license to experiment and define the label sound together.

Here is the description of the Sub Rosa EP from the Blessoteric Records website:

The Sub Rosa EP is inspired by Osiris’ experiences as a ritual magician and kabbalist in the ancient mystery school tradition. This release is passionate and intimate, enticing you into a journey toward the secret heart hidden under the rose.

The release is available for Preorder now, with the full release scheduled for May 26, 2016.

Blessoteric: A Digital Music Label

Blessoteric Records - Digital Music Label

Osiris Indriya and friends are working on a new music label with a unique perspective on electronically produced music with a deep feeling or message. The announced artists to be released include the established intimate styles by Michael Maricle as well as new artists Indiyana Rae and Etcher, with more to come later this year.

From the Blessoteric website:

Welcome to BLESSOTERIC RECORDS, an eclectic Seattle-based record label for beautiful and moving electronica made by insightful artist from the underground. Rather than choosing a genre or tempo, we are instead focusing on deep and meaningful sounds from artists that have a message and reach beyond the mundane experiences of everyday life. Here we honor each artist’s voice and encourage exploration and experimentation aligned with meaning and purposeful artistry.

The plan is to focus on 3-5 song releases from each artist, released and distributed primarily in digital formats including major channels like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon.com, and Beatport, as well as streaming services like Spotify. For those looking for the ultimate in sound quality and fidelity, Blessoteric.com will exclusively offer ultra-high resolution 24bit files for downloads as individual songs, albums, or artist discography packages.

You can listen to demos of the first four artists now on Blessoteric.com.

VIDEO: Ancient Future – Sacred New Year’s Eve 2014-2015

Friends and family gathered in Seattle for a sacred celebration in the stunning Queen Anne United Methodist Church/The Well: a universal rite of passage honoring the close of 2014 and the amazing possibilities arriving with 2015. Rafe Pearlman and guest musicians, dancers and spiritual guides, including Osiris Indriya, created a live fusion of sacred song and intentional ceremony, releasing any attachments from the past and invoking a special intention for the coming New Year.

Rafe Pearlman and 10th House Light Center presented a Sacred Night of Ritual, Chant, Dance, Music, Meditation and Celebration

Featuring performances by:
Rafe Pearlman (voice/songs/prayers/chants/poetry)
Aradia Sunseri (ritual dance)
Osiris Indriya (kabbalistic meditation / original electronic dance music)
Rabbi Olivier BenHaim ( kabbalistic invocation)
Daniella White (crystal bowls)
Kiymbah Tytania (live Oracular Divination)
Zia Sunseri (cacao ceremony)
Jemilla Goldstien (whirling dervish)

The Ancient Future Band:
Rafe Pearlman (vocals/guitar)
Mark Fauver (electronic live music/keys)
Ahmad Yousefbeigi (middle eastern percussion)
Mark Dalton (bass guitar)

Artist Links:

Production and promotional support from:

VIDEO: Performing with PERFECT STRANGER @ HOTwired Seattle

The transition from 2014 to 2015 was a busy time for me. I first played a complete set of original music at Neumos for Solstice Insomnia, then it was Ancient Future: Sacred New Year’s Eve with Rafe Pearlman. Then it was back to Re-bar with Brian Enoch and Lara vs. Coral for the first HOTwired since April of 2013. With such a long dry spell, people in Seattle were so ready for some great psychedelic techno, progressive and psytrance.

We got some great photos and video from the night which I turned into a 4 minute video teaser. Enjoy!

• music •
PERFECT STRANGER aka BLT [digital structures, iboga records] + LOUD TRIBUTE SET
OSIRIS&ENOCH [future nurses] LARA vs. CORAL

• immersive live visuals •

• listen •

• watch •

• website •

1114 Howell, Seattle

Limited $15 Presale
$20 Door

• biography •

A generic label would not do justice to the depth of Perfect Stranger’s heartfelt music, which transposes feelings from across the wide range of human emotions. In his creation, you’ll find tracks inspired by the bliss of sunbeams, by an ironic but yet candid take on the simple pleasures of life, or by the darker side of the self. His demanding standards regarding what our man qualifies as the “art” of sound, have led him to appropriate today’s trend, undoubtedly Techno, which he also DJ’s with a rare understanding and acute intelligence. His “new hybrid sound”, that incorporates Progressive Trance embedded in the dirty Techno-ish grooves and breakdowns, actually enables to maintain that old school spirit that is missed so much nowadays, but in a totally new and exciting presentation and composition. That is why it’s the ultimate brain candy out there at the moment.

Poster Artwork by Alexander Musgrave

I, Aeternal: #1 Album from Wakyo Records

Osiris Indriya "I, Aeternal" - #1 Artist Album from Wakyo Records on Beatport.com Check out the Wakyo Records Label Group page on Beatport.com and you will see that my latest release is the #1 selling artist album, edging out compilations and remix albums including music by Juno-ReactorSugizo, The ORB, Astral Projection, Perfect Stranger, System 7, Ace Ventura and many more of my musical heroes. Including all remix albums and comps, my release is up to #4! HUGE thank you to all those who chose to buy my music on Beatport and other digital download services. More new original music is on the way!

See this for yourself:

Special gratitude to Gudni GudnasonKotaro Manabe, and the Wakyo team for taking a chance on a relatively unknown artist from across the pacific.


“I, Aeternal” was released on Fusion for Peace Productions on July 24, 2013 and has been steadily growing in popularity sine then, becoming a top seller for the label on Beatport despite having very little marketing attention. The label considered Osiris Indriya as an artist to be a risky experiment at the time, but moved ahed with the release to expand their roster of artists and album releases. Osiris’ sizable grassroots following centered on the West Coast of the US has kept this release alive through social media sharing, and regular live performances by the artist.

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