In 2005, Osiris began producing events with Infinite Connections. These events featured the best underground progressive trance artists from around the world. Osiris created a special relationship with the artists of his favorite record label, Iboga Records (Denmark). SunControlSpecies from Australia came to Seattle to perform, and with Osiris, created a warm and driving remix of the Antix anthem “Little Honey”.

Track Listing.

  1. Antix – Le Lascard (D-Nox & Beckers Remix) /8:02/
  2. Rhian Sheehan – Hiding Place (Phony Orphants Remix) /8:07/
  3. Antix – Cold Nights (FREq Remix) /8:16/
  4. Antix – Little Honey (Fitalic Remix) /8:52/
  5. Antix – Forever Changing (Vibrasphere Remix) /9:05/
  6. Antix – Little Honey (Sun Control Species vs. Osiris Indriya Remix) /7:09/
  7. Antix – Le Lascard (Ohrsten Nors Remix) /8:31/
  8. Fiord – Hybrid /9:10/