Osiris Indriya began developing his deep and driving sound in 1997. After 7 years playing bass guitar and low brass in school and garage bands, he found something unexpected in the bins of a local record store. The album was µ-Ziq vs. The Auteurs. It didn’t follow any of the standard rules of music in structure or sound. He was so intrigued, that he traded his bass for a MIDI keyboard and started recording electronic music on his own.

Osiris moved from the burbs to the city of Seattle for college, attending Cornish College of the Arts, majoring in Classical & New Music Composition. There he spent most of his time in the school recording studio designing sound and experimenting with the electronic equipment. His first semester, he landed his dream job working at Orpheum Records on Broadway. There he was exposed to a wide range of music and artists from all over the spectrum, and eventually discovered the thriving underground electronic music culture in Seattle. After exploring the scene, he joined an underground collective called Seelie Court, where he developed as a DJ, performer, event promoter, and eventually a community leader.

In 2001, Osiris teamed up with Michael Manahan (from Starseed) and Isis Indriya (from Seelie Court) to create The Oracle Gatherings – a series of 23 themed events based on a new original tarot deck ( For nine years, this series became an influential component of the West Coast “Tribal Underground” dance music culture by combining the experiences of cathartic dance, performance art, education, and the expressions of spirit. During this period, Osiris released his first full-length album “Reach Within”, which included music written for Oracle Gatherings ritual performances.

After experiencing some success at home, Osiris looked to the wider world for inspiration. In 2005, he teamed up with Infinite Connections to bring his favorite international artists to Seattle. This resulted in several next-level events including IOSIS, Breaks & Freaks, and the Magnetic/Kinetic events at Seattle’s Pacific Science Center. The artists these events brought to Seattle included several artists from the progressive psytrance label, Iboga Records, from Denmark. Osiris became a label DJ for Iboga and released his first remix collaboration with SunControlSpecies of “Little Honey” by Antix (Twin Coast Remixes).

In 2007, Osiris and Brian Enoch (aka DJ Amanita) from Infinite Connections began performing under the moniker FUTURE NURSES. Together they embraced new fusions of Psytrance, Techno and Elektro sounds, opening for Ticon, Atmos, Ace Ventura, LOUD, Antix, Perfect Stranger, Vibrasphere, Kox Box, Infected Mushroom, Hallucinogen and Shpongle. Their funky and progressive brand of psytrance blended with circus freak stage shows made this act a mainstay of the underground, night club, and rave scenes. By 2009, they were featured together and separately at Pacific Northwest festival massives including Shambhalla Music Festival in Salmo, BC.

Starting in 2009, FUTURE NURSES had expanded from a music act into an event production company, creating two successful club event series. HOTwired featured first-time 2×4 sets by local and international DJs fusing genres and bridging communities. HEAD|Set featured international trance music artists in intimate concert venues.

Osiris’ second solo recording project, Break on Through- EP, was independently released in 2011, as a collection of the remaining ritual performance recordings from The Oracle Gatherings. The track “Gifted” from this release became his most popular to date, getting regular play on internet radio including Pandora, and SomaFM’s Groove Salad.

In 2013, FUSION FOR PEACE PRODUCTIONS , the Tokyo-based label for top electronic music producers Juno Reactor, Joujouka and Sugizo, released Osiris’ second full-length album I, Aeternal, which became the top-selling artist release for the Wakyo Label Group on by mid-2014.

Today, Osiris continues to create original electronic music and perform at festivals, clubs and legendary events in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. He is also producing other artists and publishing their work on his new label called Blessoteric Records. The first of these projects was released in early 2016, with Osiris’ latest, the Sub Rosa EP, due out May 26, 2016.

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