Photosynthesis Festival – July 19-21, 2013


Osiris will be playing a set of original music, featuring new creations from the forthcoming album, “I, Aeternal”, due out one week after this event, along with some newer dance and chillout creations.

Invitation from the folks at Photosynthesis Festival:

The Photosynthesis family is very excited to be able to invite you back to the Makah Nation for Photosynthesis Festival.

This year’s event will take place where earth, sky and water form into the glorious Hobuck Beach Resort.

Hobuck Beach is a very sacred place for the Makah Nations. For thousands of years it has been used for ceremony and community gatherings.

It is at this place that we join our Makah brothers and sisters in a celebration of music and art in the hope that we can share our values and the culture of our peoples.

In an effort to bring a focus on the local Northwest community and its wonderful underground arts culture, it has become the intention of the Photosynthesis producers to remain committed to supporting new and innovative artists.

We feel the lineup for 2013 represents a cross section of the greater Northwest’s dance culture. Many crews, families and communities were called forth to present to you the collective creative potency of your own community!

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