Reach Within

Original Release Date: February 2005

Remastered Release Date: May 9, 2018

Listen to the Deeper Things.

Osiris Indriya’s first full-length album is a collection of music produced for on-stage performances and dance parties called the Oracle Gatherings. This series of events inspired an intentional community of artists, teachers, healers, performers, and dancers to come together to celebrate life and a sense of magic. Osiris produced original music for the legendary midnight ritual “prayerformances” that became the signature focal point of each event in this series.

From the liner notes found inside the original CD insert:
“It is not enough to sit and wait for the future… passing moments count the distance between the known and the dreamed within the space of a whisper. The time approaches when what has been doen before will not carry us into the precious plane of now, and so we must delve deeper to find the treasure of our very core. We are finding a future worth searching for. Reach Within.” ~ Osiris Indriya

Remastered and Extended Release – May 9, 2018

Blessoteric Records has recently reissued this album with an additional track from the same period as the rest of the album. “Mother of Spring” is a chill and organic song produced for a performance at the Mother Earth themed Oracle Gathering.



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