Osiris Indriya "I, Aeternal" - #1 Artist Album from Wakyo Records on

I, Aeternal: #1 Album from Wakyo Records

Osiris Indriya "I, Aeternal" - #1 Artist Album from Wakyo Records on Check out the Wakyo Records Label Group page on and you will see that my latest release is the #1 selling artist album, edging out compilations and remix albums including music by Juno-ReactorSugizo, The ORB, Astral Projection, Perfect Stranger, System 7, Ace Ventura and many more of my musical heroes. Including all remix albums and comps, my release is up to #4! HUGE thank you to all those who chose to buy my music on Beatport and other digital download services. More new original music is on the way!

See this for yourself:

Special gratitude to Gudni GudnasonKotaro Manabe, and the Wakyo team for taking a chance on a relatively unknown artist from across the pacific.


“I, Aeternal” was released on Fusion for Peace Productions on July 24, 2013 and has been steadily growing in popularity sine then, becoming a top seller for the label on Beatport despite having very little marketing attention. The label considered Osiris Indriya as an artist to be a risky experiment at the time, but moved ahed with the release to expand their roster of artists and album releases. Osiris’ sizable grassroots following centered on the West Coast of the US has kept this release alive through social media sharing, and regular live performances by the artist.