New Oracle Gatherings Youtube Channel – Relive the Legend

Founded in the summer of 2001, The Oracle Gatherings were a series of 23 electronic dance music, visionary art and workshop events produced to celebrate the themed cards in The Oracle Gatherings Tarot Deck. In response to the warehouse rave culture that was popular at the time, The Oracle Gatherings were designed to be more uplifting, beautiful and life-changing by combining underground electronic dance music with visual and performance art, educational workshops, chai tea lounges, and ritual ceremonies.

Thanks to this new YouTube channel, you can relive the magic of three of the Oracle Gatherings’ most legendary midnight Prayerformances:

There is also a playlist of 19 community videos posted to YouTube by participants at the events to get a sense of what it was like to be a member of this community.

VIDEO: Ancient Future – Sacred New Year’s Eve 2014-2015

Friends and family gathered in Seattle for a sacred celebration in the stunning Queen Anne United Methodist Church/The Well: a universal rite of passage honoring the close of 2014 and the amazing possibilities arriving with 2015. Rafe Pearlman and guest musicians, dancers and spiritual guides, including Osiris Indriya, created a live fusion of sacred song and intentional ceremony, releasing any attachments from the past and invoking a special intention for the coming New Year.

Rafe Pearlman and 10th House Light Center presented a Sacred Night of Ritual, Chant, Dance, Music, Meditation and Celebration

Featuring performances by:
Rafe Pearlman (voice/songs/prayers/chants/poetry)
Aradia Sunseri (ritual dance)
Osiris Indriya (kabbalistic meditation / original electronic dance music)
Rabbi Olivier BenHaim ( kabbalistic invocation)
Daniella White (crystal bowls)
Kiymbah Tytania (live Oracular Divination)
Zia Sunseri (cacao ceremony)
Jemilla Goldstien (whirling dervish)

The Ancient Future Band:
Rafe Pearlman (vocals/guitar)
Mark Fauver (electronic live music/keys)
Ahmad Yousefbeigi (middle eastern percussion)
Mark Dalton (bass guitar)

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